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Dear Parents and Students,

Red Lick ISD is pleased to offer the latest technological opportunities to our students. One of these opportunities is access to the Internet.

With the Internet availability comes the responsibility of the user to access only materials that are considered educational in value in the context of the school setting. Red Lick ISD(RLISD) faculty and staff will make every effort to educate and guide your child in its proper use. A "firewall" and filter are in place to help block inappropriate material. However, on the global network, it is impossible to control all materials, and it is imperative that the user be held accountable for the proper utilization of the technology.

Be assured that your child will be provided with alternative printed materials if Internet access is denied for a period of time either by you or by RLISD. However, the study of Technology TEKS is a requirement of the state of Texas.

The smooth operation of our network relies upon the proper conduct of all its users, and THIS AGREEMENT contains the guidelines for that proper conduct.

Please review and discuss this document with your child. We look forward to utilizing this educational resource.
Staff Members