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Information that must be posted:


District Plan of Innovation

Accreditation Status(19 Administrative Code §97.1055(f))

Notice of School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056(b)(3))

Campus Report Card, Performance Report, District Rating (Education Code, §39.362)

District Texas Academic Performance Report (Title 19 Administrative Code, §61.1022(f))

Annual Federal Report Card (20 U.S.C. 6311(h)(2)(E))

School Board’s Employment Policies (Education Code, §21.204(d))

Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires (Local Government Code, §176.009(a))

Main Office Contact Information (Local Government Code, §140.008(f)(2))

Superintendent Contract

Updates on Special Education

Title IX Information


Transition and Employment Guide (Education Code, §29.0112(e)(1))

Testing for Home Schooled Students (Education Code, §29.916(c))

Testing Transparency – Title 1, Part A Recipients (20 U.S.C. § 6312(e)(2)(B))


Physical Activity Policies (Education Code, §28.004(k)

Immunization Awareness (Education Code, §38.019(a)

Information Related to bacterial meningitis, §38.0025(a)

Summary of the Guidelines for The Care of Students With Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphlylaxis,§38.0151

Medical Consent Form

ADA Compliance Errors 0