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The 2019-2020 6th - 8th Grade UIL Competition & the 2019-2020 Elementary Competition for 5th grade 

has not been scheduled yet, but is expected to be held early December. 

Information for both competitions will be posted here as it becomes available.

Teams will begin having tryouts and meetings soon after school begins. 

If you are interested in UIL, check out the link below for more information on the events.

A+ Academic UIL Information Website

UIL Coaches, 2019-2020:

Impromptu Speaking 6th - 8th Grade, Coach Crystal Roach

Oral Reading, 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Stephanie Brush

Music Memory 5th – 6th Grade, Coach Laurie Tullos

Art 5th - 8th Grade, Coach Julie Middlebrooks

Calculator 6th – 8th Grade, Coach Brandy Lynn

Spelling 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Leigh Ann Haley

Maps, Graphs, & Charts 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Leigh Ann Haley

Listening 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Michelle O’Gorman

Science 7th – 8th Grade, Coach Jessica Allen

Chess 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Leigh Ann Haley

Mathematics 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Joy Henard

Social Studies 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Leigh Ann Haley

Dictionary 5th – 8th Grade, Leigh Ann Haley

Number Sense 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Shelley Krobot

Editorial Writing 6th – 8th Grade, Coach Sheri Taylor

Ready Writing 5th – 8th Grade, Coach Sheri Taylor

One Act Play 7th – 8th Grade, Coach Kari Cannon, Leigh Ann Haley


For more information, contact

Red Lick ISD UIL Coordinator

Leigh Ann Haley