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Welcome to RLMS Art Classes!

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Currently in our Art classes:





5th Grade:

Torn Paper Pastel Landscapes

Designer Treehouses

Foil Relief Hieroglyphs


Art I:

Ceramics – Pinch Pots & Coil Pots

Transformation Drawing Series

Scratch Art Symbolic Animals

Digital Art





LEXI H.     8th GRADE

(Cover art)

Lexi 2017

L Hines 2017


ANNA H.      5th GRADE

A Haley


JULIA R.        8th GRADE

Julia 2017


BETH D.        8th GRADE

B Dietze





2017 – 2018 

         The following art mediums will be covered at all levels:

  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic paint
  • Pastels
  • Charcoal/ pencil
  • Mixed- Media
  • Paper collage
  • Ink
  • Clay
  • Fiber


    Lessons will be presented in the following art categories in all levels:

  • Painting techniques
  • Printmaking
  • Collage
  • Faces & Figure Drawing
  • Drawing techniques
  • Landscape
  • Perspective
  • 3D Construction
  • Graphic Design
  • Art History
  • Art Principles & Elements
  • Portfolio Building


           Art I media will also include in addition to the above:

  • Found object
  • Paper mache


           Art I lessons will also include in addition to the above:

  • Photography
  • Digital design
  • Critical reflection
  • Journals, sketchbooks, and process diaries


              Grades and Testing:

Grading: Art work carries greater weight (60%) than short exercises, written work, or quizzes (40%). Art work is graded using a rubric with the following criteria: Craftsmanship/Appearance, Creativity/Individuality, Degree of Completion/Effort, Work Habits, and Citizenship. No art work is graded in reference to another student’s work or by who’s is “the best.”  Throughout the course, I will check to determine if concepts were understood.  Students will have occasional quizzes on vocabulary and processes. Students are responsible for keeping up with note pages and study guides.

Pre-Test, Mid-term, and Post-test: 7th and 8th students will take the same test three times during the year, and 5th or 6th students during the semester, to determine knowledge and progress. The test is based on the Fine Art TEKS for each level. The grades will be recorded and used to assess mastery, but not averaged into the students’ permanent grades.

Art I Sketchbooks: Art I students will have weekly sketchbook assignments that are linked to ongoing or future classroom lessons. These are mandatory assignments and grades are recorded. Art I students are expected to keep their notes, handouts, and process diaries in a class binder.

Art I Semester and Final exams.  Only Art I students take semester and final exams that are counted toward their averages – their class is a high school credit course. The semester and final exams are at each semester end and will cover art vocabulary and techniques, art history, the art elements and principles, and other information studied. I make sure their study guides are specific and extensive.


        Art classroom behavior expectations:

  • Cell phones or electronic devices will not be used unless approved for a class project
  • Food, gum, and drinks will not be brought into the classroom
  • Students will be ready to work and have required materials and assignments on time
  • Students will respect others’ time, space, opinions, work, and feelings
  • Students will be responsible with our supplies, tools, furniture, and room
  • Students will stay on-task while being open to possibilities and the creative process



  • 1st incident → WARNING, classroom intervention (change seats, lose privilege)
  • 2nd incident → PARENT CONTACT, via email or phone call
  • 3rd incident → PARENT CONFERENCE, then assigned lunch detention at teacher’s discretion
  • 4th incident → PARENT CONTACT, via email or phone call, and OFFICE REFERRAL
  • Further incidents until the end of each semester with be referred to Mr. Dempsey and the parent contacted
  • Student incidents involving inappropriate behavior, language, or threats, or physical actions endangering the student or others will be immediately referred to the principal, no matter what step the student is on in my classroom.
  • Students in violation of the district dress code (per the Student Handbook available at www.redlickisd.com) will be referred to the office immediately.
  • Cell phones that go off or are visibly on or in use will be taken up and delivered to the middle school office for parent pick-up.
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