Extra Credit Opportunities

5th Grade:

Due Date: Friday, December 15th 

We are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins. In chapter 10, Karana talks about being lonely. She misses the presence of human contact. In the following chapters, Karana is busy building a new home for herself to protect her from nature and man. 

Write Karana a letter of encouragement. Look up what ‘friendly’ letter format is, and use this format.

Use specific examples of how you are emotionally and spiritually with her. Give her suggestions about how she could pass time. Treat her as a friend.

Make sure your letter’s TONE is positive and uplifting during her difficult time.

Your letter should be a full page. Only neat letter with neat handwriting or typed letters will be accepted.



6th Grade:

Due Date: Friday, December 15th 

We are reading Freak the Mighty in class. Freak and Max take on a very secret quest during the summer. Freak leads Max out in the middle of the night to fish out a soggy, wet purse from a sewer. Freak claims it was left there by Blade and the gang.

When an important item or pet goes missing, people often create a ‘Lost and Found’ poster to put up in their neighborhood. They often include a picture of the missing item, a written description of it, and sometimes a reward. Make a ‘Lost and Found’ poster for the missing purse and imagine what items might be in it. Be descriptive. Research what ‘Lost and Found’ posters look like!

You may create your poster in Google Docs, or you may use regular computer paper to create it/draw it out. Share your poster or turn it in.