Extra Credit Opportunities

5th Grade:

Due Date: Thursday, March 22nd:

We are reading and studying the short story “All Summer in a Day”. Please ask Mrs. Brush for a story paper for your EC this time. She has copies ready for you! You will be writing a front and back sci-fi story using all ten of our story vocabulary words.

Can’t wait to read your stories! Use sentence format and try to use paragraph structure. Use your neatest handwriting and decorate your paper if yo choose. Turn it in!


6th Grade:

Due Date: Thursday, March 22nd: 

We are working on persuasive texts in class. For this extra credit assignment, you must choose one form of persuasion from your pink sheet (notes) and you will write a one page essay using this persuasive technique. You must use me as your audience and try to inform/persuade me that you deserve extra credit! Have fun with your essay. It may be typed or hand written. Be super neat. Lack of sentence structure and/or grammaratically incorrect papers will not be given extra credit.

Turn your work in! Can’t wait to be persuaded! :)