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Jason Dempsey
Dempsey, Jason
jdempsey@redlickisd.comView Website
Brandon Dennard
Dennard, Brandon
bdennard@redlickisd.comView Website
Brittany Elliott
Elliott, Brittany
belliott@redlickisd.comView Website
Brandy Farrar
Farrar, Brandy
Technology Teacher
bfarrar@redlickisd.comView Website
Erica Fricks
Fricks, Erica
Kindergarten Teacher
efricks@redlickisd.comView Website
Leigh Ann Haley
Haley, Leigh Ann
Middle School Teacher
lhaley@redlickisd.comView Website
Gail Hatfield
Hatfield, Gail
ghatfield@redlickisd.comView Website
Joy Henard
Henard, Joy
Middle School Teacher
jhenard@redlickisd.comView Website
Tracey Hervey
Hervey, Tracey
Kindergarten Teacher
thervey@redlickisd.comView Website
Peggy Hobson
Hobson, Peggy
Middle School Teacher
phobson@redlickisd.comView Website
Shelley Krobot
Krobot, Shelley
5th Mathematics Teacher
skrobot@redlickisd.comView Website
Debbie Lavender
Lavender, Debbie
2nd Grade Teacher
dlavender@redlickisd.comView Website
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